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Data Protection Liaison Officers

There should be a Data Protection Liaison Officer (DPLO) for every school and unit in the University. Their role is to:

  • Ensure that their School or Unit complies with the University's Data Protection policy and guidelines.
  • Liaise with the University's Data Protection Co-ordinator on any issues that arise.
  • Collate material to be provided under a Subject Access Request for passing to the Data Protection Co-ordinator.

This is a list of current DPLOs. In any school or unit where no member of staff has been designated as DPLO, responsibility for Data Protection compliance will lie with the Head/Director of the school or unit.

Registry Director of Registry  
Art History Annette Carruthers vac
Biology Head of School  
IT Services Chris Milne cm230
Careers Head of Unit  
Chaplaincy Jamie Walker jbw1
Chemistry Phil Lightfoot pl
Classics Irene Paulton iep
Computer Science Andy Robinson andyjr@pop.dcs
Continuing Education Alex Rougvie ar6
Divinity Steve Holmes sh80
English Michael Herbert mfh1
Estates Helen Mackie hmm1
Finance Karen Porteous kap
Geography and Geosciences Head of School  
Health and Safety Paul Szawlowski pwss
History Head of School  
Human Resources Mairi Stewart mas1
Library and Information Services Anna Clements akc
Management Head of School  
Maths Patricia Heggie pmh
Medicine Clive Masson dcm10
Modern Languages Bernard Bentley bpeb
Museum Collections Helen Rawson hcr1
Music Centre Julian Clayton jrc6
Office of the Principal Jackie Balfour jb12
Philosophy / Social Anthropology Head of School  
Physical Education Karen Caldwell kjc2
Physics Aly Gillies a.d.gillies
Psychology Peter Foldiak  pf2
Print & Design Lesley Lind l.lind
Research Enterprise Douglas McMillan dhm2
Residential & Business Services Head of Unit  
Student Services Ally Munro ar50



Data Protection Co-ordinator

IT Services
Butts Wynd Building St Andrews Fife
St Andrews
KY16 9AL
Scotland, United Kingdom

Tel: 01334 46 4010/2776