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Copyright and lecture capture

Please consult the University's Policy on the Recording of Lectures and Other Learning and Teaching Activities ("Lecture Capture")

Guidance for staff and students is available in the following documents:


While certain copyright-protected materials can be legally used in lectures and seminars (e.g. images in PowerPoint presentations or video clips from commercial DVDs), it may NOT be legal to record the use of these materials by means of lecture capture software or by any other means.  This is because in recording lectures you are making another copy, and therefore may be infringing copyright.


Images will usually be subject to copyright, and it is illegal to use them in recorded lectures unless:

  1. you have obtained permission from the copyright owner
  2. you own the copyright yourself
  3. the copyright period of the image has expired
  4. the image has been downloaded from an internet site such as Flickr which allows them to be used under a Creative Commons licence.  Creative Commons licences permit the use of materials under specific terms.  It is your responsibility to check those terms.)
  5. the image has been downloaded from an Open Educational Resources platform which permits the use of images in this way.

Video recordings

Video recordings will also be subject to copyright and the following should be noted:

  1. Commercial DVDs should not be used in captured lectures unless you have specific permission from the copyright holder.
  2. The copyright of YouTube or iTunes U videos is owned by their creators, so you would need to contact them to obtain permission, unless it is clear that a Creative Commons or Educational Use licence applies.

The University’s Educational Recording Agency (ERA) licence permits the use of (and copying of) TV and radio broadcasts for educational purposes.  You can now also show (and copy) material from on demand TV services such as BBC iPlayer, 4 on Demand, ITV Player, Demand 5 and Clic (S4C) in a similar way to personal private users.  It is recommended that you use the Box of Broadcasts service for access to digitised TV and radio broadcasts.  Recordings acquired from this service can be recorded in lectures.

Sound recordings

  1. Commercial audio CDs may not be used in recorded lectures.
  2. Streamed audio from services such as the BBC iPlayer Radio service may be included in a recorded lecture under the University's ERA Licence.

Downloaded podcasts are generally considered safe to use in recorded lectures, since the act of downloading them is itself a means of copying, so there is an implied licence allowing their copying and use, unless there is an accompanying statement specifically precluding this.

Your own published research/tables/images

Do take care to check any arrangements you have made with a publisher before using your own material in a captured lecture.  You may have signed away the copyright or agreed to restrictions on the material’s use.  Remember, however, that it may still be possible to use a pre-print version of an article in a captured lecture.



(January 2018)