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Staff Expenses

Making a claim

All expense claims should be made via the new finance system Oracle Fusion. You will need to have been granted access to use Oracle Fusion before attempting to claim expenses. Information on that can be found here. Guidance for the claim process can be found here Expenses - Current staff - University of St Andrews (

Original receipts MUST be retained until you have received payment into your bank account.

Any claims that do not meet policy or have missing receipts will be routed to HR Payroll and Pensions for auditing. Some claims will be directed to HR Payroll and Pensions for approval once authorised by a line manager or authorised approver such as relocation claims. You will need to request access to the relocation HR costing prior to being able to make a claim via this link

Expenses Policy

Expenses policy

Expenses are paid through Oracle Fusion in line with the expenses policy and in line with HMRC guidelines. It is essential that all employees adhere to the principles set out in the Expenses Policy and familiarise themselves with these prior to submitting a claim. All expenses are auditable and must therefore be reasonable and only incurred in the performance of University business and should not be claimed on behalf of others.