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Postgraduate Scholarships 2020-2021

Payment of Tuition Fees

If a private company or other organisation are paying your tuition and/or accommodation fees, you will be required to provide us with the full name and contact details as part of Online Matriculation. However, you can send the details to Student Finance in advance to ensure that the information is recorded on our system. Invoices will be sent out to sponsors at the start of the academic year and must be paid within 30 days. If we invoice your sponsor and they fail to pay your fees within 30 days, fees may be transferred to your account with the University and you will be liable for payment in full. A 3% late payment charge will also be applied. Sponsorship confirmation is required for each year of study, not just in year one. The University will contact you if we encounter problems in receiving payment from your sponsor.

If you have any enquiries regarding sponsors paying your fees, then please do not hesitate to contact Student Finance.

Maintenance Payments

Postgraduate maintenance awards for academic session 2020-2021 will be paid on the second last working day of each month directly into your nominated UK bank account by BACS. Students must ensure that they are fully Registered otherwise their maintenance payment may be delayed. 

New bank details and any amendments must be submitted online via MySaint  - Under the tab "My Details and development" - "Student Finance" and "Manage my bank details for payments of scholarship and expenses" these are validated and payment can be processed directly into a nominated UK bank account.

Students can make arrangements to have deductions taken from their scholarship payments towards their University accommodation fees by choosing this option while completing matriculation.

Students who are paid directly by an external agency should contact that agency for payment arrangements.


Any school or unit providing a scholarship to a student must add the student's details into FUND. 

All scholarship requests should be entered into FUND by the deadlines noted below: 

·         Friday 8th May 2020– Deadline for entering requests of fees and/or maintenance for new International students - please note you only need to create the payments in Fund to populate the CAS/VCR information for International Students in order for them to obtain their visa, there is no requirement to Approve them at this stage. 


·        Friday 17th July 2020 – Deadline for entering requests for fees and/or maintenance for new UK/EU entrants and any returning students not already in fund.



It is important that any information you have relating to a student's funding is processed as quickly as possible to allow Finance time to perform data checks before online matriculation opens to students in August.


Please note that once the Head of School has approved the transaction any amendments MUST be notified to the Finance Scholarship team by email.

If you have any queries regarding a scholarship for a student please contact the Accounts Payable team.





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