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Payment of external expenses

For the purposes of reimbursing expenses, anyone who is neither a member of staff nor a matriculated student at the University of St Andrews is treated as an external claimant.  Expenses for external claimants at the University of St Andrews are processed online which makes the process paperless and seamless.

For clarity, individuals who wish the University to pay a company or business direct for expenses, must invoice the University. These cannot be paid through the Non-Staff Expenses (NSE) system.

To begin your claim you must contact the relevant School/Unit Administrator. You will be sent a secure link via email from the School/Unit to access NSE. Your claim can be completed on any computer, smartphone or mobile device.

Please ensure you fill in your name, address and bank details to enable a BACS/Foreign Currency transfer to be made. 

For foreign currency payments there is a £5.00 transaction charge which will be deducted from the claim.

Please see the University expenses policy (PDF, 957 KB)  for guidance on allowable expenses.  Please note that although this states it is a policy for staff the same rules and regulations will be applied for external claimants also.

All relevant receipts must be attached to the form.  The receipts provided should be itemised - to comply with Inland Revenue regulations (if payment has been made in foreign currency by credit card then we would also like a copy of the credit card statement so that we can reimburse you the correct amount - you may, of course, black out everything except the relevant line).


Expense claims are processed every fortnight with the funds being paid directly in the recipient's bank account.


If you have any questions regarding the completion or payment of an external claim form please contact the Accounts Payable team.