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Manual Invoices

Manual Invoices are invoices which do not have an Aptos order raised against them or are not processed through the Electronic Invoice Approval process.  These invoices should be received by the School/Unit directly from the supplier and must be coded and authorised by an Authorised Signatory before being passed to the Accounts Payable office for processing.

If you are unsure of whether an order should be raised for a good/service please see the Procurement Methods of Order (PDF, 663 KB) guide

Schools/Units should try to ensure that any manual invoices are dealt with and passed to Accounts Payable as quickly as possible to ensure that there is no delay in payment.

Any invoices which are for entertainment should include a list of all those in attendance to ensure that the acceptable ratio of 3:1 (3 University staff to 1 external) is complied with for HMRC purposes. 

If you have any queries regarding the processing of these types of invoices please contact a member of the Accounts Payable team on 01334 463094 or e-mail