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Electronic Approval of invoices

This process of approving invoices is currently only in place with a limited number of suppliers.

Please read the Aptos Workflow Supplier List (PDF, 185 KB) for a full list of the suppliers whose invoices are processed in this way and other information you may require for placing orders with these supplier.

When placing an order with any of these supplier's you should quote the Cost Centre and Analysis Code you wish the invoice to be charged to as the order reference and ask the supplier to ensure this is specified on the invoice.

The invoice will then be emailed directly to Accounts Payable by the supplier. Accounts Payable will then be able to identify who needs to approve the invoice from the cost centre. These invoices are entered directly into Aptos and will require authorisation via workflow.


You should never approve an invoice which is for your own travel. Please leave this invoice to be approved by your line manager.  If you are unsure if your line manager has access to approve your invoice please contact Accounts Payable for assistance.

Any invoices which are for Travel for Heads of Schools or Units will still have to be signed off manually as these have to go to a member of the Principal's Office.  Similarly any invoices for a member of the Principals Office must be signed off by the Principal.  These invoices will still all be sent centrally to Accounts Payable by e-mail, but will be forwarded on to the staff member who has travelled to check and pass for authorisation.

Help and advice

If you are unsure of who has been set up as an approver on APTOS for a particular cost centre you can contact

If you have any other queries or would like to request training please contact a member of the Accounts Payable team on ext 3094 or e-mail