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Authorised signatories

‌Finance hold two separate lists of authorised signatories:

1. Signatories held within Aptos who can approve purchase orders and approve invoices via workflow

2. Signatories who can sign off manual invoices and /or expense claims 

Purchase Orders/Workflow

Approval of Purchase Orders and Invoices authorised in workflow are controlled by Aptos.  A list of Aptos approvers for your area can be obtained by sending an email to  Any additions or amendments must also be emailed to by the Head of School/Unit.

Signatories for Manual Invoices/Expense Claims

Manual Invoices are invoices which come into departments to be coded and signed off before passing to Accounts Payable for processing.

The list of those who can sign off on these invoices and expense claims are held within the Authorised Signatory Database:

Authorised Signatory List (on-campus access only).

Any invoices or expense claims signed by someone who does not exist on this database will be rejected by Finance/Salaries. 


To add a new user to the authorised signatory list the New Authorised Signatory Form (PDF, 88 KB) must be completed. This will provide finance with the users specimen signature and all associated cost centres/analysis codes they have been given approval to authorise on. These forms must be signed by the Head of School/Unit before being passed to Finance.

Any changes to an existing signatory can then be authorised by completing the Authorised Signatories Amendments Form (PDF, 96 KB)

Please refer to the Authorised Signatories Help Guide (PDF, 387 KB) for assistance in completing these forms.

All completed forms must be sent to Accounts Payable, Finance Operations Team, Walter Bower House, Guardbridge, St Andrews, Fife, KY16 0US.


Please note that the list of authorised signatures is subject to the Financial Regulations (PDF, 613 KB) ‌and also to the following points:

  • All authorised signatories must be employees of the University and Heads of Schools and Units should ensure that local procedures comply with this requirement.
  • No member of staff may authorise reimbursement of their own expenses.
  • No member of staff may authorise payment of an invoice related to their own travel, subsistence or subscription.

The pyramid structure of authorisation must be adhered to for Heads of Schools and Directors of Units as well as for members of the Principal's Office.

This list may also be used to aid the process of obtaining correct authorisation for journal entries and invoices before they are passed to Finance for processing.

Spend from a Principal's Special Account needs to be authorised by Financial Advice and Support up to a value of £5,000.  If the value is over £5,000 this must be authorised by the Master, Quaestor & Factor, Finance Director or Deputy Director of Finance.