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Reporting A Problem

To report a problem:  please contact providing the following:

  • A full description of the problem, including
    • the steps you worked through to get to the stage where things 'stopped behaving'
    • the screen number(s) where you noticed the issue
  • A copy of the saved message file


To obtain the message file:

  • either right mouse click and select Message
  • or select View and Messages. 

To obtain the message file from screens with the newer layout:

  • either right mouse click and select Message
  • select View and Message Log
  • select View and Server Message Log History


Save the message frame to a filename of your choice by typing the following key strokes:
<GOLD> <Space> r x
where <GOLD> is the + key on the numeric keypad

More details are available in the Introduction to Aptos (PDF, 1,722 KB) document.