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Aptos Purchase Order Management

As outlined in the Methods of Order (PDF, 663 KB), Aptos is the preferred method of acquiring goods and services as it provides an authorisation, commitments and a matching process for invoice reconciliation. It is also the best method for ensuring the process is fully electronic - thereby eliminating manual processes and paper copies resulting in efficiency savings for the University.

Aptos Purchase Orders must be raised in all of the following circumstances:

  • where goods or services have a future delivery date
  • or where goods or services are of a value in overall terms that justifies the cost of the process
  • or where the supplier requires such an order to facilitate delivery.

Please note that Aptos may only be accessed by trained users who have been allocated a password.  For information on obtaining an Aptos account please see the Aptos login page.  

Aptos orders are placed either through the Aptos Web Services Module (internal stock / services; external punchout orders) or via the core system.  Users of the Web Services Module may choose to subscribe to the Parabilis mailing list  which will allow you to receive information about Parabilis (such as upgrades / downtime / new suppliers etc).  You can also unsubscribe from this list at any time (for instance if your role changes).

If you require advice on what to buy from whom then Procurement will be able to assist.

Schools and Units are expected to take responsibility for the management of their own Purchase Orders and this is more than just placing and receipting of the orders.  It also encompasses the following through of orders, resolving any mismatches and checking any outstanding orders, on a regular basis, to ensure that any obsolete orders are closed timeously.  It is important to do this because orders that have not been closed will compromise the information contained on departmental budget reports by showing 'false' commitments.  The  document provide information on this.


Useful Flowcharts

Purchase Ordering Flowchart (PDF, 30 KB)- this illustrates the process of placing and receipting orders on Aptos

Purchase Order Management Flowchart (PDF, 41 KB)- this illustrates the management of Aptos Purchase Orders (placing order, chasing delivery, receipting, dealing with any mismatches, closing orders which the supplier is unable to fulfil etc).  This is annotated to indicate when commitments are created and written off again. 

POM Documentation

Web Services - Ordering and Receipting (PDF, 2,960 KB) 

Purchase Ordering (PDF, 478 KB)

Mismatch Procedures (PDF, 655 KB) and Understanding Tolerances (PDF, 644 KB)

Stock Management (PDF, 2,157 KB)