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Purchase ledger codes

This page is designed to help with the Purchase Ledger Vendor Codes.


The vendor code is of format: ABBBBB999

where the code is capitalised and  

A = Vendor group

P = GBP vendors

F = Foreign currency vendors (the currency will be indicated in the vendor’s name)

BBBBB  -  taken from the Vendor's name

999 -  increments for Vendors with the same alpha code

Please note that it is essential that foreign currency orders are placed against the correct vendor, ie you cannot place a Euro order against a vendor set up in GBP.  If the default currency for the vendor is not the correct one for your order there is probably another vendor with the same name for but different default currency.

If a vendor code does not exist you must raise a Request for new vendor.

Vendor Codes

Current listing of Vendor codes

POM Help


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