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Aptos Login Pages

‌‌Please note that Aptos may only be accessed by trained users who have been allocated a password.  The system is used by Finance staff and also by nominated users in other departments (mainly for placing purchase orders, raising sales invoices and processing journals). 

Obtaining an Aptos Account

To obtain an Aptos account an authorised person within your School/Unit (usually the Head of School or Director of Unit) should send an email detailing the name and university user ID of the person requiring access along with a note of what permissions should be granted - it is acceptable to say "please grant x the same access as y". 

  • If the new user requires POM access, then the authorised person should email As part of this process, the Procurement team will review existing users in the School/Unit to determine if a new account is needed.
  • If no POM access is required, then the authorised person should email the request to
  • If your role changes and your access needs to be amended (or your account closed) your Head of School or Director of Unit should send these details to as well.

When your account is created you will also be added to the aptos-users list which is used to notify users of any planned outages and other important information.  You will be removed from this list if your Aptos account is closed. For POM users, you will be required to attend the appropriate training courses before a username and password is issued. The Procurement team will be in contact with the user after creation of the account to advise of the dates of available training courses. The Procurement ‌ is available for viewing and course places are bookable via PDMS.

Core System

Users should access core Aptos via Parallels RAS. This can be downloaded in the following ways:

  • For IT Services managed windows devices:

Please download the Parallels RAS client from Software Center. Instructions for using Software Center can be found on the software for staff webpage.

  • For Apple Macs and non ITS managed windows devices (including personal devices):

Aptos can be accessed via AppsAnywhere. Instructions for using AppsAnywhere can be found on the software for students webpage.

The IT Service desk ( should be able to assist is you are having problems when installing Parallels RAS.

Web Services Module (internal ordering and punchout)

Web Services Module

General Aptos Documentation

Introduction to Aptos (PDF, 1,722 KB)- Covers Aptos, EAS, MyEureka

Aptos Grids (PDF, 1,031 KB) - Many on-screen enquiries have been turned into Aptos Grids so how do they work and what can they do?