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The wellbeing, health and safety of all our staff, student and community members is a priority for Saints Sport. 

In light of recent developments surrounding COVID-19, the subsequent closure of the Sports Centre and the ever changing situation our staff, students and community members find themselves in, our team of coaches (Saints Fitness, Strength and Conditioning, sports coaches) have been preparing to release a programme of content designed to help you engage in physical activity from home.

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A safe space where students can discuss any wellbeing concerns with an advisor

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Peer Support

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Sport and physical exercise is now widely recognised as an important part of student life, not only for the obvious benefits coming from having an active lifestyle, but also due to the positive effects it has been shown to have on personal and mental wellbeing, social inclusion, employability and academic attainment.

Saints Sport have teamed up with Students Services and the Student's Association to deliver a number of services, offering support and guidance, and aimed at improving the wellbeing of our students, staff and community.