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Trampoline 700


Trampoline is a fun, rapidly growing club that caters for recreational and competitive bouncers of all abilities from Novice to Pro-Elite. We compete in Scottish (SSS), British (BUCS) and Irish (ISTO) competitions and year on year we are becoming more successful at competitions, with a growing collection of medals.
An excellence-certified club, we hold training sessions three times a week at the Sports Centre and are a sociable, light-hearted bunch, with dinners and pub crawls organised by our Social Rep.

Our Gymnastics Club was established only a few years ago by some keen gymnasts who wanted to make the sport available to others like them in the university. Our club has a wide range of gymnasts coming from various backgrounds – complete beginners, former artistic and acrobatic gymnasts and trampolinists with ages ranging from 17-25, but anyone can join after the age of 17.


For our current training times please contact the club using the information below. 

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