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ITF style Taekwon-Do is one of the most scientific and efficient self-defence systems in the world. It teaches discipline and control, dynamic flying techniques, and powerful hand and foot destruction. Everything is achievable by everybody: no prior fitness or flexibility level is desired, only the will to train. Most people who join the Taekwon-Do Club have never done Taekwon-Do before.


Mon 9:00 - 10:30 pm University Sports Centre, Studio (all grades)
Wed 8:00 - 9:00 pm Victory Memorial Hall (all grades)
Wed 8:00 - 9:30 pm Victory Memorial Hall (green belt and above)
Fri 7:00 - 8:00 pm Victory Memorial Hall (all grades)
Fri 7:00 - 8:30 pm Victory Memorial Hall (green belt and above)


Zoe Tate (6th Dan Black Belt) is an International Instructor, a Qualified Grading Examiner, a Qualified Referee and Umpire and Emergency First Aid Qualified. She started her training in 1996 at the Dundee University Club. She very quickly became club secretary and then captain. In 1997 she was awarded a University Full Blue and given the title of University Sportswoman of the year. When her Instructor was no longer in a position to continue teaching at the club, the University and Association asked if she would become Instructor. During her colour-belt years and right up until attaining her 3rd Dan black belt, she was a highly successful competitor, never leaving a competition without at least one gold medal. Miss Tate achieved her rank of 6th Dan on 3rd September 2017 under First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha. As an instructor, she has helped numerous students achieve their black belt, and coached countless more to compete very successfully.

Robert Dolan (6th Dan Black Belt) is an International Instructor, a Qualified Grading Examiner and a Qualified Referee and Umpire. He commenced his martial arts training in Shotokan Karate decades ago, where he achieved the rank of 5th Dan black belt, before transferring to the Dundee Taekwon-do club after researching the scientific nature of the martial art. He took an active role in the club and was one of the first Black belts to come out of the Dundee area. Soon after he set about establishing extra clubs within Dundee. On 3rd September 2017 Mr Dolan achieved his rank of 6th Dan under First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha. Throughout his time teaching, Mr Dolan has also aided many students achieve their black belt, and coached numerous more to compete very successfully.

Teams & Competitions

Whilst there are no BUCS competitions that apply to Taekwon-Do, the club is part of the British University Taekwon-Do League (BUTL) and competes regularly at local competitions, national BUTL competitions and for a select number of members at larger national and international competitions throughout the year. In 2017/18 two of our members were awarded Full Blues (University award for competing at the highest level of university sport) from competition achievements and one of our members is part of the Student GB National Taekwon-Do Team.

Recreational Sessions

All training sessions cater for both recreational and competitive members and everyone is welcome regardless of ability. Taekwon-Do offers a great opportunity to start something new at University. We have had members in the past who started at white belt and through their extraordinary commitment and dedication to Taekwon-Do achieved their black belt by the end of their degree. The Club organises several opportunities to grade throughout the year. Thanks to our instructors, the club has the unique opportunity to grade twice a year with visiting high up Masters and Grand Masters in Taekwon-Do. Finally, every year in June our instructors organise a Taekwon-Do summer camp weekend where all students are welcome. 


In 2017-2018, the club organised a 48-hour ‘Kickathon’ in order to raise money for the St Andrews Charities Campaign. This involved breaking more than 10,000 boards, doing 10,000 press-ups, and performing 100,000 pattern movements. Whilst the club has run a similar fundraiser in the past, this was the second year we had made it 48 hours long. The club set up outside the union and from 7pm on Friday to 7 pm the following Sunday, members took turns doing shifts and raising money. The club smashed their targets and raised £1785 for the Charities Campaign.

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