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The University snowsports club caters to a broad membership base of competitive, recreational and social members. From relatively small beginnings, we have grown to be the university’s biggest sports clubs: offering students the opportunity to join our thriving race and freestyle teams, to improve skiing or snowboarding skills or start from the beginning and learn something completely new.


Teams & Competitions

For those interested in the competitive race and freestyle aspects of snowsports, we compete at a number of national BUCS events over the year including indoor, dryslope and Alpine events.



Our race team train weekly throughout the year, and our freestyle team train every two weeks. Both teams have grown in strength and numbers in recent years, and 2015/2016 was our most successful year to date having achieved BUCS points across individual and team events, in both race and freestyle categories. We have a history of taking on both experienced and novice competitors into our teams and are passionate about pushing the development and potential of team members.

Regular Weekly Training - Freestyle Snowsports

Thur (5th Oct-16th Nov) 8:00 - 9:00 pm Aberdeen Snowsports Centre


Recreational and social scene

Along with our competitive side, we are well known for the recreation and social aspects of our club. Our recreation captain is responsible for making snowsports accessible for newcomers to the sport, we facilitate lessons for beginners/novices and take advantage of the fantastic facilities across Scottish snowsports resorts. Throughout the winter we regularly make recreational trips to take advantage of high quality skiing and boarding conditions. The highlight of our year comes in January when we take over 300 students to the Alps for a fantastic week of snowsports, which is accessible for beginners, intermediate and advanced boarders and skiers.


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