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Parkour 700


Parkour and free running involve learning to move through your environment efficiently and creatively through vaults, jumps, rolls and flips. The club caters to complete beginners, but more experienced members are also ready to push you if you are looking to train at a more advanced level. If you want to set your own goals and push yourself mentally as well as physically, parkour could be the sport for you.

The club is a friendly community and meet together for regular socials as well as fun activities such as bouldering to complement training. Parkour often hold socials with other clubs, such as Mountaineering and Windsurfing.


The club's Head Coach, Henry Chandler, is present at all sessions and is qualified through Parkour UK. There are also two additional coaches who are qualified to coach many parkour and free running moves through their freestyle gymnastics certifications.

If you would like to become a parkour and free running coach, please get in touch with the club who will be able to help support your training.

Teams and Competitions:

Parkour culture is not highly competitive, and the club doesn't currently compete. Instead, they meet with other free runners at events called 'jams'. The academic year culminates in the Jamie Wilson Jam (JamJam), held at St Andrews. Throughout the year members can also attend other events, such as the Christmas Jam in Edinburgh.

Training Times/Recreational Sessions:

The club trains indoors every Wednesday from 6:30-8:00pm in the Sports Hall at the University Sports Centre on St Leonard's Road. Feel free to come along to learn new things from our coaches and/or work on your own skills. The sessions are suitable for all abilities, and no experience is necessary.

Charity & Community Engagement:

The Parkour and Free Running Club is dedicated to helping the environment, with various events and procedures in place to support this. We also collaborate with other organisations for one-off events, such as our Breast Cancer Awareness Month training session and social with CoppaFeel. 

We are particularly interested in increasing girls' participation in parkour and other action sports, especially by raising awareness of role models within the sports. 

Keep an eye out on the club's Facebook page for details of community engagement sessions.

Contact Details: