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Scholarships, Awards and High Performance Athlete Programme

As a World leading Academic institution, we pride ourselves on our ability to attract the brightest minds from across the world. With a significant investment in sport over recent years we are also now able to attract some of the best student athletes.

We recognise that training and competing at an elite level is challenging, especially when studying to achieve the required grades to gain a place at St Andrews. We also appreciate that studying and competing is expensive. We have therefore developed a range of offers to attract and then support our best athletic students and to help you achieve your goals on both sporting and academic fronts.

In addition to the extensive support given to our performance clubs we also offer support to those who compete at an elite sporting level as an individual, or as an extension of their team sport. Award recipients and scholars are expected to represent themselves, their sport and the University in accordance with Saints Sports’ core values.


If you are selected as a first team member in one of our Performance Sports you will automatically receive much of the support listed within the Scott Lang High Performance Award. We believe this will provide students with the best possible chance of succeeding here at St Andrews. 
For exceptional individuals there are many scholarships and awards available to undergraduates, designed and made available to attract and support students who are both academically and athletically gifted.
Water Polo - 350

Postgraduates (overseas)

In addition to the Scott Lang High Performance Award, postgraduates can also apply for a range of additional postgraduate scholarships. We welcome applications from talented overseas student athletes looking to extend their playing career, whilst continuing their studies at the UK’s University of the year (The Times and Sunday Times Good university Guide 2020).

There are no eligibility restrictions on playing sport and representing the University whilst studying for a postgraduate qualification at St Andrews.

The following Scholarships are available for overseas postgraduates:

Golf 350

Postgraduates (UK and EU)

Adding a postgraduate qualification from St Andrews to your undergraduate degree is an exciting and attractive prospect for many students. We offer financial support to those who wish to continue their sport at a high level whilst furthering their education at a leading institution.

The following awards are available to UK and EU students:

Rugby 350

University/External Scholarships

There are a number of scholarships and support packages available at all levels of study, and the University can provide financial assistance and advice where necessary. Other scholarships offered by the University that would be attractive and relevant to student athletes are:

University 350

Study at St Andrews

Why at St Andrews

Choose to study at a world-class university with an unforgettable student experience, gold-standard teaching and cutting-edge research – explore our range of undergraduate and Masters programmes.

Postgraduate study

The University of St Andrews offers a broad range of postgraduate studies, with more than 1,000 postgraduates currently studying in one of our four Faculties of Arts, Divinity, Medicine and Science

Scholars - 350

Undergraduate study

There is a wide variety of study options and entry points for undergraduate study, from Honours and General degrees to Gateway and Foundation programmes. Find out more about which degree route suits you best.

Fees and funding

Your tuition fees will depend on your course of study and your home domicile if you are an undergraduate student, or your chosen programme if you are a postgraduate student.

St A Experience 350


For further information or advice please contact:

Ian 220

Ian Gaunt

Deputy Director of Sport

Phone: +44 (0)1334 462186