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University of St Andrews Ultimate, more than any other club, offers fantastic competitive opportunities while also providing a great environment for beginners. Most people only start playing at University, and so the opportunities to progress are spectacular, even if you have never touched a disc before. We play at the highest level – winning national championships and with multiple players going on to represent Great Britain sides – yet the majority of our team, and even the majority of those GB athletes, were complete beginners when they arrived in St Andrews. Ultimate is the most level playing field you ever saw – come join us and fulfil your potential!

What is Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate is a non-contact but extremely athletic team sport, played on something resembling an American football field. Players cannot run with the disc (though they run a lot without it!) and must complete a throw to a team mate to advance the disc down the field. To score, catch the disc in the endzone. That’s it - no offsides like in football, no rigid positions like in netball – just a simple, fast, free-flowing game.

Ultimate W 455

Self-Refereeing & ‘Spirit of the Game'

There are no external referees in Ultimate. Foul calls are decided by discussion between the players involved. Emphasis is placed on treating opponents with respect. Playing fair, and maintaining an enjoyable competitive atmosphere – the ‘Spirit of the Game’ – is literally the first rule of Ultimate.

Recreational Ultimate

University of St Andrews Ultimate holds two recreational sessions each week – an indoor league on Tuesday evenings, and a series of casual outdoor games on Wednesday afternoons which is followed by our weekly social night. These ‘Flatball Fun’ sessions are a good time and a great way to build up basic skills.

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Performance Ultimate

University of St Andrews Ultimate is the best supported programme in the UK, bar none. Head coach Benji Heywood is the country’s only appointed Director of Ultimate, and provides structured training programmes for our Women’s team, Men’s first team and second teams, and our Mixed team. We also have expert strength and conditioning support, free preseason training before each semester, enormous financial support for travel and accommodation at tournaments – and even full financial support for those players who make it to the GB squads. As one of only very few performance sports at the University, we also have priority access to the world-class playing facilities on offer in St Andrews. There are few places in the world offering better opportunities for those dedicated enough to develop into top quality players.

Ultimate M 455

Ultimate Competitions 

University of St Andrews Ultimate compete in Scottish championships and in National finals both indoors and outdoors, in each of Men’s, Women’s and Mixed divisions, as well as attending multiple Club (i.e. non-university) tournaments, beginner tournaments, and fun tournaments. These events generally take place over both days of a weekend, but the Men’s teams also compete in weekly BUCS league matches against other Scottish university teams.

We boast a highly decorated history - both Men’s and Women’s teams have won National Championships, the Men most recently in the spring of 2017. Both have been ever-present qualifiers to each UK Nationals for well over 10 years – a record that almost no other institution can match, despite our small, intimate University having an enrolment that is dwarfed by almost everyone else. The Men’s team have to date won the Scottish BUCS league on every occasion it has been contested, and 7 of our athletes will travel to Perth, Australia, in January 2018 to compete for GB or Ireland in the WFDF Wolrd U24 Champinohship.

And yet - our aim is to keep improving, and we’re consistently searching for new ways to enhance our programme. If you want to join us on the journey, get in touch.