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Founded in 1964, the University of St Andrews Boat Club is a relatively young rowing club compared to many others in the UK. When founder John Browne started the club, he had “no water, nobody to row with, no boat, and no oars”, but nevertheless was able to create what is now a high performance rowing club both within Scotland and the UK.

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Recent years have seen results that speak volumes of the shift to high performance. The club had record performances at WeHoRR 2016 and 17 and a record performance at HoRR 2016. We were the second fastest qualifers at Henley Royal Regatta 2016 in the coxed 4 and qualified for HWR in 2016 also in the coxed 4. The club medaled at both BUCs Head and Regatta during the 2016-17 season.

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The Club offers a range of coaching, training and support opportunities, and is in the process of constructing a new Boathouse as part of the University’s Sports Centre Redevelopment project. A focus on high performance has been emphasized at all levels, and all teams are training more often, training harder, and training smarter than ever before.


The club is already a major force at the British University Championships, with 4 crews this year in A finals. We are outperforming previous results consistently and are making rapid progress towards the top of British University rowing.


Thanks to increasing support from the Athletic Union and our Alumni and other friends, the goal of becoming a major force in British Rowing is ever closer and certainly within reach.

If you are interested in joining the club, or would like to know more about what we do, then please visit our website: University Boat Club