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Assistant Coach

Fintan Bonner

St Andrews Links Golf Academy - Instructor

Fintan joined the St Andrews Links Golf Academy team from a coaching role he held in Black Bush Golf Club in Ireland. He began playing golf at a young age and achieved a wide range of success as an amateur. Whilst he was a junior he was a selected to be a member of the Leinster Elite Panel and was chosen to represent his province on numerous occasions.

At University College Dublin, Fintan achieved a Diploma in Sports Management and went on to achieve a BA HONS Degree in Accounting and Human Resource Management at National College of Ireland. He was awarded a Golf scholarship at both of these Universities and was a member of the winning team that clinched the Irish University Championship 2 years in a row.

From a coaching standpoint Fintan is an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner. He believes that the roots of good coaching are grounded in the instructor’s ability to communicate effectively with their student and create a successful learning environment.  As well as being a highly regarded instructor, Fintan is a Custom Fit Specialist, having trained with some of the top Customisation Experts in the world.

In terms of a coaching philosophy, Fintan believes in creating a positive coaching environment for the golfer by promoting growth, development and learning. This is achieved through the use of the latest analysis software and technology to help deliver an individual plan with the golfer to achieve their golfing goals.