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Performance Programmes

Each academic year the Strength and Conditioning Team delivers around 50 hours of coaching a week to teams or clubs who are part of our Performance Programmes or individual talented athletes on our Scott Lang High Performance Awards.

As the demands for expertise continues to rise, the Strength and Conditioning Programme has grown outside of the Performance Suite and now offers court and field-based conditioning and fitness testing to supplement strength and power training. We now have a wider effect on sports performance, improving more areas such as speed, agility and conditioning.  

The S&C Team is made up of two full-time S&C coaches, who are supported by three additional coaches and ten interns who help to deliver the programme. 

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Access to the Strength & Conditioning Suite

The Strength and Conditioning Suite provides the perfect environment for athletes who want to improve their sports performance and is available to all students who are part of a Performance Programme or individual athletes on the Supported Athletes Programme, as prescribed by a qualified strength and conditioning coach.

For more information please contact the Strength & Conditioning Manager, Allan Gartshore.

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