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Performance Support 940

Performance Support

The University of St Andrews prides itself on rewarding excellence, and sporting achievement is no exception. Saints Sport continues to ensure that its top athletes reach their full potential and offers a support programme to students who show exceptional abilities and potential whilst studying at St Andrews.

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Strength & Conditioning

Sport specific fitness includes a structured developmental programme that can incorporate muscular endurance, strength, power, speed, aerobic or anaerobic conditioning.

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HEAL Physiotherapy

Students competing at the top level within our programmes benefit from subsidised physiotherapy and sports massage treatment.

Performance Programme Athletes

Over 330 athletes are engaged within one of our twelve performance programmes, which offer a comprehensive package of support services. Students competing at the top level within these programmes benefit from:

  • Sector leading training facilities
  • Strength and Conditioning support
  • Subsidised physiotherapy and sports massage
  • Pre-season and mid-season camps
  • Representative costs (SSS, BUCS, Other)
  • Specialist skills training
  • Video analysis
  • Performance Excellence guidance and mentoring