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Performance team

Performance programmes

Rugby, football, tennis, golf, water polo, fencing, volleyball, hockey, netball, boat.

Weight lifting

Performance support

Providing strength & conditioning, sport science support and lifestyle & leadership training

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Performance team

The network of coaching and support staff at Saints Sport includes some of the most experienced, highly qualified and respected professionals within their field.

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Professional training camps

St Andrews is a perfect training venue for pre-season or mid-season training camps

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Why do we play the sports we love?

Our commitment to excellence is met through our performance sport programme, with the University encouraging and supporting high performance athletes, both on a team and individual basis. A number of sports benefit from extra support and professional coaching through full-time Directors of Sport or Head Coaches, and similar is made available to individual student athletes via the Supported Athletes Programme and golf bursaries. Members of the local community can also benefit from the facilities and services available at the Sports Centre at a reduced rate or free of charge, within the Community Talented Athlete Programme.

The Department of Sport and Exercise and the Athletic Union have been jointly funded to support a “Performance” Programme since 2005-06; the goal of which is providing excellent opportunities and support structures to allow a number of individuals and teams (including coaches and support staff) to fulfil their sporting aspirations, specifically in Scottish Student Sport (SSS), British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) and other identified national and international events or leagues.

A commitment by the University to invest in developing sport has seen the appointment of Directors of Sport and a number of Head Coach appointments in twelve key sports, and over 40 part-time coaches across a further 25 different sports, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to develop whilst at university. The role of the Directors of Sport is to provide a vision that works to develop all aspects of the University Clubs, both Men and Women, and to provide an environment that breeds success and sustainability in individuals, the team and the associated support staff.

We strive equally for excellence off the field, which is why we offer our Club Excellence Programme and Saints Leadership opportunities, as well as student internships at Saints Sport, to ensure that our students are armed with the requisite skills to achieve greatness in their life after university.