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Community Memberships

Members of the community have the choice of THREE main types of Sports Centre membership for the 2017-2018 academic year:

  • Fitness+ Membership
  • Fitness+ Concessionary Membership
  • Club Access

Alternatively, non-members pay a flat fee of £6.50 per person, per visit.

Concessionary Membership rates are available for:

  • University of St Andrews student/staff partners and family members (aged 18-21)
  • Senior citizens (age 60-plus)
  • Athletic Union Life Members
  • Graduates of the University
  • Children between the ages 15-17 inclusive
 Fitness+ {concession}Club Access
Membership Fee £350 {£297} (12 months) £90 (12 months)
  £183 {£154} (6 Months)  
Fitness suite Tick Icon Cross Icon
Weights room Tick Icon Cross Icon
Core & stretch room Tick Icon Cross Icon
Performance suite
Cross Icon Cross Icon
Fitness classes Tick Icon Cross Icon
Club training & matches Tick Icon Tick Icon
Fitness class ticket ‌‌Free £6.50
Fitness suite ticket Free £6.50
Recreational sport ticket Free £6.50
Cardiac rehab ticket Free £3.50
Golf lesson £15.00 N/A
Tennis lesson (60 min) £30.00 £30.00
(30 min) £15.00 £15.00
Bookings (charges per hour)    
Sports hall Free N/A
Studio Free N/A
Sand dressed pitch (1/3 pitch) Free N/A
Rubber Crumb (1/3 pitch) Free N/A
Grass 7AS pitch Free N/A
Grass Volleyball Court Free N/A
Running track Free N/A
Multiball court Free N/A
Outdoor basketball court Free N/A
Outdoor handball court Free N/A
Meeting rooms Free N/A
BBQ Free N/A
Court hire  Free  N/A
Fitness services (charges per hour)    
Personal fitness plan £38.00 £38.00
Individual personal training £35.00 £35.00
Buddy personal training £47.00 £47.00

Membership Terms and Conditions, Access to Fitness Suites and PAR-Q

Terms & Conditions (PDF, 299 KB) 

What is Club Membership?

Club membership is aimed at those who use the Sports Centre to play sport as part of a club or organised group (not primarily to use the fitness suites or attend classes). However, if you think you will also use the centre more than 36 times throughout the year (for classes, access to the fitness suite) then financially you will be better off buying a Fitness+ membership. In order to join one of the University's sports clubs, membership must be approved by the Athletic Union.