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Climbing Sessions for Adults and Juniors

Adult Lessons: 

Adult Learn to Climb:
If you’re new to climbing or a need a refresher, these sessions will cover all you need to know to become a competent indoor climber. You’ll learn to deal with knots, equipment and safe belaying in a relaxed social group and get climbing at your level. Once the sessions are concluded you will be a registered user of the climbing wall. All equipment is provided. 

Climbing Skills for Adults:
These four sessions are designed for those looking to move their climbing to the next level. The sessions will concentrate on understanding the fundamentals of climbing and will include aspects of strength/endurance training. The instructor will work with the individuals in the group and look to improve everyone at their own pace.

Adult Taster Sessions:
An introduction to climbing, letting you get an idea of what climbing at the St Andrews wall is all about. All equipment provided.

 Course DateDayTimePrice
1 Adult Learn to Climb 17th February 2020 - 
9th March 2020 
(4 week block) 
Monday 19:00-20:30

£60.00 (Student and Fitness+) 
£80.00 (Non-members)

2 Adult Learn to Climb 

18th February 2020 - 
10th March 2020
(4 week block) 

Tuesday 19:00-20:30 £60.00 (Student and Fitness+) 
£80.00 (Non-members)
3 Climbing Skills for Adults  17th February 2020 - 
9th March 2020 
(4 week block) 
Monday 20:30-22:00 £60.00 (Student and Fitness+) 
£80.00 (Non-members)


Junior Saints Climbing 

Our blocks of Junior Saints climbing classes offer children aged 7-18 years old (P3 - S6) the chance to learn to climb in a supervised environment, with sessions run by qualified instructors.

JS Climbing Lesson 455

Climbing Lessons 

Courses run for 4 weeks at a time.  Each class is limited to a maximum of 6 children per class, so book early to avoid disappointment. Places may also be booked at any point through the programme, providing the class isn't full.

Course options:

 Course DateDayTimePrice
1 P3-S6 Climbing 03/02/20 - 24/02/20 Monday 16:00-17:30 £52
2 P3-7 Climbing  06/02/20 - 27/02/20 Thursday  16:00-17:30 £39
3 P3-7 Climbing 06/02/20 - 27/02/20 Thursday 17:30-19:00 £39
4 P3-S6 Climbing 06/02/20 - 27/02/20 Thursday 19.00-20.30 £39
 CourseDate Day Time Price 
1 P3-S6 Climbing 02/03/20 - 23/03/20  Monday  16:00-17:30 £52
2 P3-7 Climbing 05/03/20 - 26/03/20 Thursday  16:00-17:30 £52
3 P3-7 Climbing 05/03/20 - 26/03/20 Thursday  17:30-19:00 £52
4 P3-S6 Climbing 05/03/20 - 26/03/20 Thursday  19:00-20:00 £52


Please note:

  • participants will need to arrive at least 10 minutes early to check out equipment and to get all necessary forms completed
  • all participants will require a parental consent form to be completed for each visit
  • all equipment will be provided free of charge: helmets and climbing shoes must be worn