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Saints Leaders

Our student athletes are ambassadors for the University at every training session, competition, sports tour, volunteering programme and throughout their future endeavours. As an outwards facing arm of the University, Saints Sport believes it has a responsibility to enhance and project the excellent image the University of St Andrews presents to the world. In all aspects of our work, we aim to raise aspirations in order to achieve higher levels of attainment and encourage personal development.

The Saints Sport programme readies students not only to succeed in their chosen sport but to excel at all aspects of life during, and beyond university. Involvement in sport fosters discipline, self-determination and drive, leadership, organisation, vital social skills and a deep-seated sense of responsibility for one’s own actions, as well as a sense of responsibility towards others.

The Saints Leaders programme was introduced to provide opportunities for our students to develop life skills, to support the running of our sports clubs by upscaling committees and offering students the chance to gain coaching and officiating qualifications during their time at University. More information can be found on the following pages.   

We seek to empower students to take responsibility for delivering large elements of the overall student sport experience. To achieve this the University runs a Centre for Academic, Professional and Organisational Development (CAPOD). CAPOD provides a comprehensive range of opportunities to support personal, professional and academic development for all staff and students. 

Through our Saints Leaders programme we ensure we nurture and support an exceptional team of Saints Volunteers who are committed to delivering both student sport and Community Engagement programmes.

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Saints Leaders Programme

The Saints Leaders Programme aims to help students develop their leadership skills and promote a positive, progressive and ambitious culture within sports clubs

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Saints Excellence Programme

Saints Sport staff provide support to Athletic Union club committees throughout the year.