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Saints Fitness: On-Demand

Under the current restrictions, enjoying an active lifestyle is more important than ever and the Saints Fitness team have been working hard to expand our programme to help you engage in physical activity wherever you may be.
The Saints Fitness team are delighted to announce the launch of a new on-demand video service that will allow our students, staff and community to stay active and access fitness classes anywhere, at any time.  

Classes on-demand

Microsoft Stream: @SaintsFitness

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If you aren't able to join us for our live classes, don't worry, you can catch up at any time on Microsoft Stream by heading to the Saints Fitness group.

To make it easier to find your favourite workouts we have organised our classes into dedicated channels. Follow a channel to see when new classes and content is added.

Our live classes will also be uploaded to the Saints Sport YouTube channel, for those without access to Microsoft Stream.  

YouTube Channel: @SaintsSportTV

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The Stay Home | Stay Fit campaign was launched to provide a programme of workouts designed to help students, staff and the local community engage in physical activity from home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Our team of Saints Fitness instructors prepared new content each week, with a variety of classes on offer to help keep sessions fresh and appealing.

The Saints Sport YouTube channel now hosts a selection of over 70 free workouts, sorted into playlists to help you easily find a class with the right intensity.  

Follow us

Instagram logo The Saints Fitness team run a dedicated Instagram page @usta_healthandfitness posting regular content to help inspire and motivate you, whilst aiming to keep your workouts fresh and appealing. Head over to our page and follow us today.