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Personal training

Callum 150Callum Knox

Callum is the Health and Fitness Manager here at Saints Sport and as part of his role is one of the Personal Trainers. Most of Callum’s clients are referrals from Occupational Health, Physiotherapists or GPs; this isn’t to say that he doesn’t train others though. Many of Callum’s current and previous clients have had an interest in building strength and becoming more functional – with a basketball background he enjoys taking an alternative approach to more conventional methods by using resistance bands, BOSU balls, KBs and so on.

Vikki 150Vikki Williamson

Vikki has been with us for 2 years and originally became a PT after having her own PT and loving the benefits of exercise on both her physical and mental wellbeing. Vikki holds a Level 3 Personal Training Certificate and completed a degree in Sport and Exercise Science. She has worked in a variety of facilities and environments teaching various classes and engaging with group, buddy and one to one clients. Vikki’s current clients range from 17 to 70 and have different goals from Skiing to Cycling to weight loss and health promotion. No matter what age, Vikki is a strong advocate of a varied programme encompassing resistance training tailored to specific goals. 

Ross 150Ross Whittaker

Ross has been here at Saints Sport for the past 4 years and has a passion for endurance sports, but don’t worry you don’t need to be a budding Triathlete to work with him. Having worked with individuals with various goals from weight loss to strength gain, Ross believes no challenge is too great. Ross’ friendly but no-nonsense approach helps his clients stay on track, he is there to motivate and encourage self-confidence. Ross is also Head Coach of the Triathlon Club.


Ali 150x170Ali Smith

Ali started his professional fitness career here at the University of St Andrews Sports Centre in early 2018, he has a passion for helping others not just in the gym but also out with and encourages self-development. He uses a range of training methods to support and guide his clients along their journey, ensuring that his programmes are specific for the individual. Coming from a Rugby background Ali has always been active and unfortunately had to undergo a shoulder operation recently, going through his own rehabilitation process has sparked an interest in injury prevention coupled alongside fundamental strength programming.