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Personal trainers

Callum 150x170
‌‌Callum Knox

Callum is the Health and Fitness Manager here at Saints Sport and as part of his role is one of the Personal Trainers. Most of Callum’s clients are referrals from Occupational Health, Physiotherapists or GPs; this isn’t to say that he doesn’t train others though. Many of Callum’s current and previous clients have had an interest in building strength and becoming more functional – with a basketball background he enjoys taking an alternative approach to more conventional methods by using resistance bands, BOSU balls, KBs and so on.

Ailsa 150 x 170Ailsa Gow

Ailsa assists with the management of the Saints Fitness exercise class timetable, co-ordinating the various class instructors and trainers, she also oversees Personal Training services at the University Sport Centre. 

Ailsa is very active; her own training background created an excellent base of training methods and ideas to use with her clients. She has helped improve strength for runners, balance and co-ordination in her older clientele and flexibility/fitness with the students she works with. 

Ross 150 x 170
‌Ross Whittaker

Ross is a well-known face around the Sports Centre. He first began his journey in 2013 and since has taken on clients with different exercise history and various training goals. 

He enjoys a challenge with clients such as Calisthenics, functional movements and due to his British Military background, he has assisted individuals with Fitness test related goals.


Ali 150x170Ali Smith

Ali is a Level 3 qualified personal trainer with a passion for sport and exercise. He keeps up to date with current exercise trends and weight training methods, constantly expanding his knowledge through CPD and assisting clients, gym users and has previously coached local rugby teams. Ali now has a focus on Strength and Conditioning based techniques, leading our Women’s Basketball team through programming and analyses. You will also see him around the gym and teaching Sunday Strength with a range of clients, from staff members, community and students. He loves a challenge and enjoys seeing his clients progress in their programmes.

Kieran 150 x 170Kieran Errington

Kieran is one of the newest members of the team, previously working at the Fairmont Hotel with 2 years of personal training experience. During this time, he has gained good knowledge in working with clients of all ages with different goals.

Kieran is very passionate about exercise. Having started training over 6 years ago he is constantly challenging himself and finding new methods to reach his goals.

Jared 170Jared Love

Jared is a level 3 qualified personal trainer and also works at Saints Sport as a Sports Assistant.  He is a strong believer of using compound exercises to reach your goals, whether they are improving strength, body composition or being more functional in day to day life. As a rugby player Jared’s own training goals are to improve his own sporting performance but has trained clients from beginners who want to simply improve their general fitness to athletes who are looking to use a gym in order to aid their sport. After overcoming a serious knee injury in 2019 Jared also takes a keen interest in injury prevention and rehabilitation.