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Fitness Services

Our team of fitness professionals are here to help, with a range of services to suit all your health, fitness and sporting needs. We are keen to help you reach your own personal fitness goals, but your health is of the utmost importance.

Please read through the readiness questionnaire before contacting a member of the Saints Fitness team.

Personal training

Having your own Personal Trainer makes exercising towards your fitness goals fun, motivating and challenging. After the initial fitness consultation the Personal Trainer will devise a programme based on how many times per week you wish to attend the gym. Once the training sessions have been booked, you simply meet the trainer and they will supervise, monitor and manage each session of the programme.


 IndividualBuddy (for 2 people)
1x session £39.50 £54.00
3x session £112.50 £145.00
5x session £172.50 £228.00
10x session £324.50 £424.00

Online Personal Training Service

We are very pleased to be able to offer online personal training sessions at a reduced cost in light of the current restrictions in place.

Why not take advantage of all the benefits of having a personal trainer with the added flexibility of training at home.

1x online session £32.00
3x online sessions £90.00
5x online sessions £138.00

Book today

If you are interested in our Online Personal Training services please email the Health and Fitness Team or fill out our short questionnaire and one of our team will get back to you shortly. 

Fitness consultation

A fitness consultation is an information sharing session that can be used to plan your fitness goals, offer fitness advice and help plan your personal exercise routine. The session will look at key areas that will help you reach your goals, we will help you run through some questions and use this information to guide the exercise plan.

  • why you are training?
  • what motivates you?
  • what are your short and long term goals?
  • what do you like to do? (run, walk, lift weights, swim etc)
  • what don't you like doing? (stepper, rower, x-trainer etc)
  • how committed are you to reach your goals?
  • how much time do you have to invest?
  • are your goals realistic and are they timed?

Personal Exercise Plans

Beginning an exercise programme could not be easier with our 6-week Personal Exercise Plan that is tailored to your specific needs and goals. After the initial consultation which establishes the client's wants, needs and any injury/illness considerations, a training plan is devised. A gym session is then arranged where the trainer will introduce the client to their Personal Exercise Plan.

Personal Exercise Plan: £46.00

Strength and Conditioning

Sport specific fitness includes a structured developmental programme that can incorporate muscular endurance, strength, power, speed, aerobic or anaerobic conditioning. It has been shown that transference of the work carried out in the Strength and Conditioning Room into sports performance is high, producing better performances and reducing the incidence of injury.

For more information please visit our Strength and Conditioning pages or contact a member of the Strength and Conditioning Team.

Individual support - to improve sports performance