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Stay Home | Stay Fit 940

Saints Stay Home | Stay Fit

We know that in these difficult times, an opportunity to work out is more important than ever for those of you wishing to look after your physical and mental health. We understand the sense of routine and normality or even escape that exercise can provide you is also more important than ever. 

The wellbeing, health and safety of all our staff, student and community members is a priority for Saints Sport. In light of recent developments surrounding COVID-19, the subsequent closure of the Sports Centre and the ever changing situation our staff, students and community members find themselves in, the Saints Fitness team have been preparing to release content designed to help you engage in physical activity from home.  

You may also be able to set up an area in your garden, driveway or front room. There will be plenty of variety. Some may be new to you; some may just give you some structure of familiar routines.  The most important thing here is for you to enjoy what you are doing, whilst experiencing all the physical and mental benefits.     

Level of exercise

Please chose an appropriate intensity to work at, if you take part in regular exercise already, you will know what level to work at and how many repetitions or sets you can achieve. If this is new to you then easing in by starting at a low intensity will be more beneficial and ensure you that you keep up your new fitness and wellbeing habit.

Saints Sport YouTube

Stay Fit YouTube‌  Keep an eye out for our videos on the Saints Sport YouTube channel for the latest workouts, nutritional guidance and much more.

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We will be bringing new content to you on a regular basis, to keep workouts fresh and appealing, so please follow our FacebookTwitter, Instagram and YouTube channels for the latest information. We urge you to tell your friends, family and colleagues as we are keen to keep as many people active through this difficult time.  

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