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Access to the Gym

To ensure the safety of our members all new gym users, who have never used gyms before, must complete an introductory gym session. This procedure will not only ensure the safety our members but will also give all new members the opportunity to ask qualified staff for guidance on their own individual fitness goals.

If however, you are already a regular gym user and only want access to the facility to complete your own workouts, then an introductory session is not required. To ensure the well being of our members and to ensure best practice is being followed, a short Health and Safety Induction is required. This must be carried out prior to using the facility.

Free weight inductions are also available on request and are designed to inform our members of the many benefits obtained when lifting with free weights.

It is the responsibility of each individual gym user, to ensure they have completed a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q), and have read and agree to our Terms and Conditions prior to using the Gym.

Saints Sport membership allows full use of the gym, but this does not include access to the Performance Suite

If you require further information, or if you would like to book an induction, please contact our Health & Fitness Manager, Callum Knox.