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Performance suite

Completed in December 2016, the dedicated Performance Suite provides a private space for our performance teams and athletes to train undisturbed away from our regular gym users. Featuring five lifting stations, a three-lane plyometric track, a throws wall and a designated ‘rehab zone’, the new Performance Suite also offers video analysis technology.

In addition, our newly refurbished Gym will cater for whole squad sessions or can be used for injured players to recover. We also have a separate Studio, which can be used for other activities such as Yoga and Pilates.

Access to the Strength & Conditioning Suite

The Strength and Conditioning Suite provides the perfect environment for athletes who want to improve their sports performance. ‌This facility is available to athletes on a Performance Sport Programme, as prescribed by a qualified strength and conditioning coach. Athletes who are not part of the University of St Andrews Performance Sport Programme, who wish to gain access to this facility, must obtain written permission, prior to using the room. This is consistent with Saints Sport's approach to the allocation of resource for the support of sports clubs. Saints Sport Support (PDF, 91 KB)

To obtain access to this facility, athletes must meet the following criteria:

  • competing in sport at a regional, national, or international level
  • have a detailed S&C programme, written by a S&C professional, which will evidence previous and future programmes
  • athletes must always be working to a programme, and this programme must be produced at every session
  • athletes must be able to demonstrate safe and effective technique on all exercises prescribed within the programme
  • athletes must also agree to abide by the terms and conditions of use, as detailed and discussed with a member of the University of St Andrews S&C team
  • members who are training and competing in Olympic lifting or power lifting may also apply to use this facility, if the above criteria are also met (not withstanding bullet point 1)

Please email Allan Gartshore, Strength & Conditioning Manager ( if you would like more information, or if you would like to apply for access to this facility.

S&C Suite 700-2‌‌‌

Performance Suite

8. Technogym Adjustable Bench

Element+ Adjustable bench is a sleek designed, multi-functional bench for specific training with barbells, dumbbells and small accessories as well as for bodyweight exercises. The ergonomic shape of the bench enables you to perform all sorts of exercises in total comfort. You can sit, lie or rest a specific part of the body on the bench in order to perform the desired exercise, adjusting the backrest and seat as necessary. For more information please visit: Technogym Website
 PS bench 300

9. Technogym Chrome Dumbbells

The new chrome dumbbells are ideal equipment for free weight strength training and sport a sleek and compact design. The chrome plating technique applied to these dumbbells derives from high quality finishing seen on motorcycles. It gives them a particularly shiny look and protects them from damage caused by sweating. The design of the new chrome dumbbells has been slightly reviewed to give them a more contemporary look that also better matches the Personal line products. For more information please visit: Technogym Website
 PS chrome DB 300

10. Technogym Linear Leg Press

Linear Leg Press replicates the pushing movement of the lower body, with a constant load profile, and is ideal to build muscle on the quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteus muscles. The backrest adjustment in 4 positions, at 25° - 30° - 35° - 40° different angle settings enable each user to find the most suitable and comfortable position for performing the exercise. All paddings are made from special high-density foam that adapts anatomically to the shape of the body providing maximum comfort and a beneficial stabilising effect during exercise. Thanks to the ROM limitator, the prestart lever and the wide space available for the legs, this machine offers maximal safety to its users. An additional central handle facilitates the access to the machine. For more information please visit: Technogym Website
 PS - Leg Press 300

11. Technogym Olympic Power Rack

The Olympic Power Racks come with integrated platforms and include the following accessories:

  • Barbell Pivot: attached to the front side of the rack it accommodates 50mm or smaller barbells to perform different kinds of exercise
  • Multi-grip dip handle: offering pronated, supinated and neutral grip options - a special surface treatment enhances grip and reduces wear
  • Band attachment: enables attachment of upper and lower rubber bands to the barbell to differentiate resistence and muscle activation without interfering with exercises
  • Foldable footplate: can be added to the front part of the rack to facilitate access to the pull up bar
  • Weight storage: additional storage added to the posterior part of the rack
  • Barbell storage: additional barbell holder for standard barbell
  • External J-Hook support: this accessory extends the exercise applications outside the power rack, so more than one person can work at the same time


 Power Rack

12. Technogym Urethane Dumbbells

Technogym's new urethane-encased dumbbells are designed to offer a natural and more effective training feeling. They are highly resistant to falls and safe for use thanks to high-quality manufacturing materials and process. Each one of our new dumbbells is just as one solid piece. Fixed masses allow users to control the movement of the whole dumbbell, therefore involving more muscles, including the back stabilizer muscles, in a more effective way. The knurling grip on the whole handle surface offers a more direct feeling while training. For more information please visit: Technogym Website

PS - UBD 300 

22. Keiser Functional Trainer

The Functional Trainer is a multi-functional machine for a complete body workout. It can be used for hundreds of different exercises, ranging from rehabilitation to sports-specific applications and is one of the most basic and versatile cable machines available. The Functional Trainer incorporates two adjustable arms, which accommodate high/low training positions and which can be adjusted for virtually any training position. The ability to train at any speed and without any impact makes it the product of choice for many different applications. With its space-saving design, the unit is available with or without a base. Each pulley swings independently of the machine to match the line of pull. In addition to its already space-saving design, the unit can either stand alone or be floor mounted. For more information please visit: Keiser Website

Keiser Functional Trainer 300‌