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Rugby Camp hailed a huge success

Wednesday 19 August 2020

At the beginning of August Saints Sport hosted a full capacity Rugby Camp with more children than ever taking part in the 5-day coaching experience.  It was a much-anticipated return to the sport missed by so many and the camp was a welcome way to take part in some fun rugby activities whilst safely adhering to the Return to Play guidelines set out by the Scottish Rugby Union and the Scottish Government.  

Aug Rugby Camp -1

Under the leadership of the University’s Director of Rugby, Scott Lawson, the camp benefitted from a team of 8 experienced and highly qualified coaches who supported the 80+ players throughout the week.  A unique combination of local coaches, teachers, development officers, students and former international players made this week not only enjoyable, but a superb opportunity for the players to learn from the very best.  

Aug Rugby Camp -2

Speaking about the success of the week, Scott Lawson said:

the feedback from the parents, players and coaches has been excellent. The appreciation shown in having the opportunity for some team activities in a safe environment, allowing children to have some much-desired interaction before school starts was recognised more than ever.  Considering the challenging times, we have found ourselves in, I have to give full credit to these children who have come into a weeklong programme full of energy and enthusiasm.  There were some tired bodies during the week, but their behaviour and application was impeccable which is testament to them as they embody the values of our sport. We have listened to the feedback from the parents which really has reinforced why we worked so hard to make the camp possible.  These have been difficult times for everyone, and very unsettling for our children.  My thanks to the coaches and staff here at Saints Sport for working so hard to really understand the guidelines and deliver this fantastic experience in a safe environment for so many children”.

Aug Rugby Camp -3

Twenty children from University staff or students benefitted from the week. The rugby camp, along with the multi-sport camp also run by Saints Sport at the same time, were two of the areas funded through generous donations from alumni, friends, parents and staff towards the Principal’s Strategic Response Fund. The Fund was created to ensure that the University can respond quickly to the urgent needs of our students, our researchers and our community during this pandemic. Being able to provide much needed childcare to staff and students will go some way towards helping us re-start research and prepare teaching materials over the summer, ensuring we are prepared and ready for the start of the new academic year in September. 

Aug Rugby Camp -4 

Plans are now underway to run the next rugby camp on 20 to 22 October 2020 at University Park.

If you are interested in receiving more information then please contact, follow us on social media @UStARugbyCamps, or check out the webpage:  

More details on this camp will follow on these channels in due course. 

Aug Rugby Camp -5 

Huge thanks to Scott Lawson, the coaching team: Calum Parsons, Andrew Turnbull, Duncan McIntyre, Quintan Sanft, Sarah Hogwood, Logan Robertson, Gregor Stirling and Gregor Tricket and the Saints Sport staff who all worked so hard to make this week possible.

Aug Rugby Camp -6

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