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The Virtual Sports Awards 2020

Tuesday 14 April 2020

Sports Award Intro

In these challenging circumstances, it’s more important than ever that we stick together as a community and do all we can to help each other through.  Given the situation regarding the spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19) and the impact of this, we have decided to move the delivery of the Sports Awards ceremony ONLINE.  We will now have a week of sporting celebration from Monday 27 April - Friday 1 May 2020.

For many of our sports teams and individuals, their season has been completed, for some it ended abruptly, and unfortunately for a few, it hadn’t yet started.  However, since the start of the 2019-2020 season, we have had many success stories, profound moments and reasons to celebrate.  We feel it’s more appropriate than ever to deliver this event in this difficult time but in an appropriate way.  

The Sports Awards have always been a big occasion in the sporting year. An opportunity to come together and hear what our student athletes have been up to and to congratulate those who have had success through Excellence, Experience or Engagement.

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We want the event to do the same this year, and more. With us all staying safely at home, and as we work through this extraordinarily challenging situation, we ask you along with colleagues and friends from across the University community to take some time to bring some positivity into your day as you listen to stories from across the student sport clubs highlighting their achievements this season.  

With the event moving online, we hope this will appeal to more of our alumni, parents, colleagues and friends across the University and sporting community. We still intend to celebrate those who have made a difference this year, we still intend to recognise those who have achieved significant success (and there are many) and we still intend to shine a light on those who have work tirelessly behind the scenes this season. You can share these achievements safely wherever you are, at a time that’s right for you.  

Bringing the event to you:

Monday 27 April - Friday 1 May 2020

Each day at 12:30 we will announce the finalists of the various awards on our social media channels. The winners will then be announced at 19:30 each day when the daily Sports Awards film is released. Each video will showcase the finalists along with other films which highlight how sport contributes to the unique St Andrews Experience.  

The Saints Sport social media channels will bring you all the latest updates, the videos will be held on our YouTube page, with a dedicated page on our website pulling it all together. We hope you will join us as we look to celebrate what has been a fantastic year for our student athletes at Saints Sport.

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