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Callum Knox Returns from Moldova After Coaching National Basketball

Monday 16 July 2018

Health and Fitness Manager and Director of Basketball Callum Knox just returned from the FIBA U16 Women’s European Championship 2018, Division C in Chisinau, Moldova where he worked as an assistant coach for the Scotland U16 Women’s squad. The 12-strong team triumphed over the group stages with a 3-0 record, overtaking Wales 61-48, Gibraltar 71-34, and the host nation 57-53. The team continued with success in the semi-finals with a 63-57 win over Georgia. However, the girls fell short of victory in the final, beaten 69-48 after a spirited performance against Austria. They took home silver medals after their commendable performance throughout the week.

Callum - Basketball Scotland 2 

The championship came at the culmination of a six-month programme during which Callum saw the girls improve significantly since their start in December. The girls also played high-level teams in a tournament in Copenhagen before their run in Moldova, which Callum felt set them up well for their admirable performance at the European Championship.

This was Callum’s second time working on the national level, having acted as Head Coach for the Scotland Women’s U15s in the previous European Championship in Barcelona, Spain last summer. Yet he found this year to be a different experience in some ways, the assistant role allowing him to observe a more experienced Head Coach’s leadership style whilst still being able to take the lead and learn in other respects, as well as gathering the ins and outs of game preparation and video analysis. He hopes to implement some of these management and strategic insights back here at Saints Sport. 

Callum said: “It was almost like CPD (Continuing Professional Development) every weekend; it was really cool. Tournament time allowed me to get into the nitty gritty of scouting and video analysis, which is something that I’ve done for the past couple of years but probably not done to the same standard as what I had to do the past week.”

Callum - Basketball Scotland 1 

The players and parents seem to have gotten a lot out of their experience in the programme; as Callum said, “We’re continually getting loads of positive feedback coming from parents, players, and sponsors for the under 16s programme...the girls seemed to have an awesome time and really get a lot out of it.” 

Callum has likewise enjoyed working at the national level and even anticipates playing a role in Basketball Scotland’s new initiative to develop talented U14 players in regional academies. Callum also hopes to continue becoming more involved with coaching at this level in forthcoming years.

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