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Saints Football Welcome New Goalkeeping Coach Wayne Henderson

Wednesday 28 June 2017

As the Saints Football Club continues to grow, not only in membership numbers but also in success measures, so too does the coaching staff behind the scenes. Saints Sport and The University of St Andrews Football Club are delighted to welcome Wayne Henderson onto the coaching team as Lead Goalkeeping Coach. One of our media team members sat down with Wayne to find out more about his past experience and his new position.

Wayne grew up, went to school and played football right here in St Andrews. In terms of coaching expertise, he has a wide range of coaching experience from grassroots level all the way up to Championship level with Raith Rovers who are currently playing tier two in Scottish men’s professional game. On top of that he has coached at an international level with the Scottish Women’s National Team all in the last fifteen years. This coaching focussed specifically on goalkeepers. 

Wayne hopes to bring enjoyment to the programme, stating that: ‘When you enjoy your surroundings, your training and your games, it helps your development so much more.’ Additionally, he hopes to educate the players from his vast amount of experience and ultimately improve the standard of the goalkeeping within the club. He explained that he hopes to work closely alongside not only the University Football Club, but also other Saints Sport clubs to accumulate top quality knowledge on how to further develop players.

Wayne also looks forward to having the opportunity to further establish a goalkeeper DNA in order to develop the position of goalkeeper within the structure of the club even more. He explained: ‘It’s something I have never had the luxury of doing before so that’s exciting.’

When discussing the newly introduced core values of the club; respect, passion and excellence, Wayne commented ‘Respect is massive. Whether it’s for your teammates, your coaches, or from your coach’s point of view, you’re not just dealing with players but with everyone behind the scenes.’ He also mentioned that passion, although often thought to be down to the player, can be fuelled by coaches. He then concluded ‘Lastly, excellence is what everybody has to strive for.’ 

Director of Football, Stuart Milne comments on the new appointment of a goalkeeping coach: ‘Wayne has great experience, great enthusiasm and great knowledge of the game. He will be a great addition to the coaching staff. It’s an incredible opportunity for our goal keepers and I look forward to working with him.’

To watch the full interview please follow the link below.

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