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Sub Aqua Club - Semester 1 Report 2016-17

Friday 03 February 2017

Semester 1 was a successful one for the Sub Aqua Club. Though membership was lower than previous years (41 members compared to 56 (2015-2016)) we saw an increase of members participating in club events, training, and social activities. 

Sub Aqua Club 1

A number of new sites were explored over the semester, including wrecks and rivers that are accessible in a day trip. By exploring such sites, we hope that more day trips can be run in future years, which may be more attractive than weekend trips. 

As always, we ran a number of trips to the West Coast as well as returning to the Farne Islands in late October. Diving continued late into the semester, with a trip being run after the exam period.

For our warm water trip this year we went to Utila, with 11 members participating. Everyone had a great time and did plenty of diving, with highlights involving spotting a manta ray and plenty of dolphins.

Sub Aqua Club 2

Also in January, five of our members went on the scientific diving course to the Maldives held by the School of Biology. The module was successful and due to previous diving experience built through the club all our members excelled.

Training wise, we took on seven sports divers and five ocean divers last semester. Four of our committee members also trained to be assistant instructors, and currently training is going well with all trainees expected to complete their qualifications in Semester 2. 

The highlight of Semester 1 was the purchase of a new boat. After years of issues with our previous boat, Superbad, we can’t wait to test out our new boat in Semester 2. A new working boat is great news as it means that the five members that participated in a BSAC boat-handling course in September can practice their boat skills in the water.

Sub Aqua Club 3

Socially we were also successful this semester, with a number of events held including Sinners, Adrenaline Ball, cinema trips and pot lucks. We hope that by holding these events we can encourage new members to get involved in the club. This is of vital importance considering half of the committee is set to graduate this year, or go on a year abroad next year. 

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