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Trampoline & Gymnastics Club - Semester 1 Report 2016-17

Saturday 28 January 2017



Northern Trampoline League

  • Northern League was our first competition of the semester. Ruth Wright won gold at Ladies NDP 3.

SSS League 1

  • League 1 was our second competition of the semester and the team did quite well.
  • Mens Intervanced: Matt Nutter – 1st place
  • Ladies Intervanced: Iona Chrisholm – 3rd place
  • Ladies Novice: Dasha Savanovich – 2nd place

SSS League 2

  • League 2 was our third competition of the semester.
  • Mens Intervanced: Matt Nutter – 1st place
  • Ladies Intermediate: Gabi Bouvier – 1st place
  • Ladies Novice: Dasha Savanovich 1st place


  • Megan M, Jamie W, and Emily L are now L2 coaches.
  • Gabi B is now an L1 coach.


  • Mark, Halle, Charlotte, and Hayley took the course on execution judging
  • Mark also took the course on tariff judging

Plans for Next Semester:

We have an incredibly busy semester next year:


  • SSTO/League 3 – Edinburgh
  • Trampoline BUCS – Sheffield
  • Gymnastics BUCS – Sheffield


  • League 4 – Glasgow
  • ISTO – 30th March to 2nd April


  • Alumni festival



Gymnastics Formers

Formers was our first gymnastics competition of the year. Jamie Wilson won bronze at Mens Beginner Tumbling and Mens Beginner Gymnastics. Halle Nelson won gold at Ladies Intermediate Gymnastics. 

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