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Taekwon-Do Club - Semester 1 Report 2016-17

Saturday 28 January 2017

Following the Sports Fayre the club had 42 new signups for our mailing list and over 25 people attended our Freshers’ Week give-it-a-go session. Three of our new members are now on the club committee. In October we held an EGM where we elected a new committee of 16, including a new Fundraising & Sponsorship Rep and a Postgraduate Rep.

Taekwon-Do 1 

Gradings and Seminars

On the 4th-5th September, a number of our members travelled to Glasgow for the annual FGMR Seminar and Grading. The weekend included several hours of black belt tuition with arguably the highest authority on Taekwon-Do in the world.

The 29th October saw the introduction of the first Training & Development Day, which was followed by a gruelling grading in the afternoon with Charlotte, Luisa, and Bálint successfully grading for their green tags, and Miriam and Alice successfully grading for blue tag.

On the 3rd December there was a seminar and grading with Grandmaster Cutler. Whilst butterflies could definitely be felt, Charlotte, Luisa and Bálint successfully graded for their green belts, officially making it halfway to black belt! We were also very proud of Abi who successfully graded for the first time. The following seminar was very informative with set sparring, sidekick technique, and focus breaks being covered along with many words of wisdom. It’s not everyday you get to ask a Grandmaster questions!

Taekwon-Do 2 


In November, we hosted an inter-university competition with the universities of Aberdeen, Edinburgh, and Dundee. This was hugely successful with members from St Andrews winning 12 of the 15 categories we entered! It was also a great opportunity to get to know members of other university clubs and we hope to make this a regular event!


We’ve held a number of great socials this semester including a beach BBQ, games night, Halloween party with some truly … interesting costumes, Hot Yoga that proved extremely helpful in our quest to reach vertical side kicks, Sinners, weekly pub trips, and PubTKD. We also hosted the competition social, and a formal seminar dinner with Grandmaster Cutler. At the end of the semester we hosted our instructor’s annual Christmas Party and
Awards evening.

Taekwon-Do 3 

Fundraising and Publicity

During Fresher’s Week the club hosted a Demo where breezeblocks were broken, patterns and kicks performed, and we even had an article in the Saint. We followed this up with an article in the Saint about the inter-university competition later in the term.

In November we held a Bake & Break sale, where we would break a board for someone if they donated £1 for a cake. As well as raising money for the club, members also got the chance to practice their breaking, and doing so under pressure!

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