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Surf Club - Semester 1 Report 2016-17

Saturday 28 January 2017

The Surf Club opened the semester with our first ever trip to Thurso in the north of Scotland during pre-season week. This gave our members an opportunity to explore some more advanced and interesting waves than we have available in St Andrews.

Surf 1 

Early semester brought nice small waves, which gave us an opportunity to get all the newcomers out in the water in a safe environment. The extremely high interest we had early in the year allowed us to invest in more equipment to meet the demand. We were then able to run regular sessions at East Sands early in the morning before lectures and throughout the day, which we previously didn’t have the kit capacity for.

Surf 2 

Competing in BUCS was an exciting experience for a club, which hasn’t classically been competitive. Those who were lined up to compete put in many a cold October morning session in preparation for the Cornish waves down south. The level of surfing brought to the competition by other universities was extremely impressive, and gave us a lot of ideas as to how to take the club forward and prepare for the Scottish Universities Championship in Semester 2. Hopefully this will encourage the club to enter in years to come. With the BUCS competition out of the way we were able to focus on getting people out in the water at East Sands and run a trip up to Aberdeen in search of waves.

Finally the annual Morocco trip was a fantastic success, everyone on the trip showed huge improvement with everyone confidently standing up and the intermediate group tackling more challenging waves as the week progressed. 

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