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Snowsports Club - Semester 1 Report 2016-17

Saturday 28 January 2017

This semester has seen Snowsports maintain a high level of interest and engagement in the sport and the club activities. We continue to attract new members to take part in the competitive side of our club, and entered a record number of athletes into the year’s first BUCS event in November at the Dryslope Championship in Edinburgh. Our freestyle team has seen more time and resource investment than ever with our freestyle captain Max leading the team in weekly training sessions in Aberdeen. Max has really succeeded in opening up the freestyle team to beginners and novices this year and has attracted a lot of interest from students who have not tried this aspect of the sport before. Within the first semester these beginners showed outstanding improvement. The team, a mix of beginners and experienced freestylers, has shown great promise for the coming semester and future years, taking strength from the atmosphere of encouragement and confidence building the club has endeavoured to create. 

The race team continues to benefit from a mix of senior team members and Fresher interest as it always has. Lily successfully lead the team through an intense training schedule leading up to our first BUCS fixture at the beginning of November with weekly, and sometimes bi-weekly, training sessions at Hillend in Edinburgh. The new team members really benefited from exposure to a BUCS event and the regional dryslope event this semester as the number of competitors and events can be daunting to newcomers. The senior team members are also benefiting from the leadership experience they have gained from helping build this new team and we hope will continue to contribute their time and experience to the club so that we continue to go from strength to strength.

As in previous years, the club has dedicated significant resources to introduce beginners to the sport. Our recreation captain Alex has taken newcomers to instructor-led lessons at the indoor slope in Glasgow every week for 8 weeks. The students have really benefited from introduction to a new sport and high quality teaching from the slope in Glasgow. Our social secretaries have worked hard this semester to make sure the events the club puts on are appealing to all of our members and help support the building of strong teams for the year. Both teams and the social members benefit from the social activities we put on as an opportunity to spend time together outside of training times and get to know the rest of the club. 

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