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Kendo Club - Semester 1 Report 2016-17

Saturday 28 January 2017

Upon our official full affiliation to the AU this semester, the Kendo Club has undergone much work in terms of establishing ourselves within the community and laying down most of the groundwork for the club. Besides building links with our coach and other martial arts clubs within the Athletic Union, we have successfully promoted kendo to the student body of St Andrews, and have a reasonable number of new and enthusiastic members that regularly attend training.


All our new recruits have now successfully undergone a training programme devised by our coach, which covers most of the key concepts of kendo. These include the fundamentals of footwork, how to hold the shinai, ki-ken-tai-Ichi (気剣体一), Kihon-no-Kata (基本の型) forms 1 to 3, Japanese counting, shinai maintenance, kiri-kaeshi (切り返し) and Kata form Ipponme (型一本) 

This training programme has given our members a basic understanding of what kendo is and how it is practiced. We have also hosted a couple of social events such as pre-freshers’ parties and a Christmas meal.

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