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Karate Club - Semester 1 Report 2016-17

Saturday 28 January 2017

Throughout the first couple of weeks of the semester, the Karate Club’s committee sought to generate greater interest in the karate than in previous years. In Freshers’ Week, the committee put up posters advertising the club around St Andrews and distributed fliers to students and locals alike, inviting everyone to our give-it-a-go session. At this semester's Sports Fayre, the committee also encouraged many people to sign up to our emailing list and to attend a taster training session. As a result, our membership is more extensive than it ever has been in recent years.

Karate 1 

The club held its grading for the semester at the end of November. Throughout the first term, our senseis not only trained us in the art of Karate and its applications, but also helped prepare the club for grading at the end of the semester. Almost half of our members went for their grading this semester and all progressed by at least one belt, some members even triple-grading.

Karate 2 

Additionally, more than a quarter of the Karate Club are registered as participating in BUCS Nationals in February, the largest competitive team the Karate Club’s had in recent years. All members travelling to Sheffield for BUCS are competing in kata, and 75% of competitors are also participating in kumite. This year we have managed to form another mixed kata team for the second year running. Preliminary interest has also been generated for next semester’s Scottish Student Sport (SSS) Karate Competition for both kata and kumite.

Karate 3 

This year the club has yet again endeavoured to host weekly socials. In addition to the annual Christmas dinner, the club has also organised our annual Kuro-Obi movie night, the club barbecue, regular pub socials, a themed Sinners night-out and our Secret Santa. Although the committee has continued to encourage club-involvement in our social scene, the Karate Club intends on hosting a range of further socials next year to garner even more interest in the club. This year the club are being sponsored by Teach First who are generously providing additional support. 

In mid-October, the committee hosted a bake sale stall in Physics, with club members kindly bringing baking to sell to help raise money for the club to put towards socials and members’ equipment. Having gained two ordinary members at our EGM, next semester there are plans to improve upon our previous fundraising strategies and implement a variety of new ideas on how to raise money for the club. In this we hope to not only generate more funds to set aside for the members’ benefit and the future committee, but also provide the club with greater financial stability.

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