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Jujitsu Club - Semester 1 Report 2016-17

Saturday 28 January 2017

Semester 1 has been a whirlwind for the Jujitsu Club. After saying goodbye to many of our graduating members in June, we looked forward to welcoming new members during the Freshers’ Sports Fayre and our give-it-a-go session. With a large intake of fresh faces, we began the year with a bang, organising the club for a weekend trip to Kinghorn to take part in the International Seminar celebrating our Sensei Archie’s 30th year anniversary of obtaining his black belt. This course featured eminent martial artists: Sensei Marc DuJardin from Belgium, Sensei Adriano Busà from Italy, Sensei Dave Martin and Sensei Kirby Watson from England, and Sensei Archie Higgins himself from Scotland. As a result, the students had the opportunity to take part in an internationally recognised event, be fully immersed in a martial arts environment, and learn about and engage in different styles.


As planned, the coaching course was also launched this semester and the senior students have had the opportunity to coach, co-lead sessions, learn how to grade, and get involved with the more technical aspects of being a martial arts instructor. Returning students and new members had the opportunity to grade this semester and all got their new belts  -congratulations!  

Jujitsu 2 

The Committee’s focus this year, in addition to its primary goal of smoothly providing students the chance to train in jujitsu, has been both to raise funds for the club - engaging in many fundraising efforts over the past months – and to host fun and frequent events for our members. In this regard we have planned welcome parties, pub nights, a Halloween party, and girls’ and guys’ night to keep everyone engaged and feeling like a team.

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We look forward to our next semester and the adventures it will bring. 

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