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Judo Club - Semester 1 Report 2016-17

Saturday 28 January 2017

The semester started off very well for the Judo Club with over 40 people on the mat during the first week of sessions, and included both new and returning students. During the first few weeks there was a high attendance rate at all sessions, but the number of people eventually settled to an average of 18 people at each session. We had a lot of beginners start judo this semester and they were all very enthusiastic and progressed quickly. This enabled our coach to hold a grading at the end of the semester. Everyone who took part in the grading passed and so moved up a belt, which was a great achievement and a great start to the year.

Judo 1 

During the semester the club entered two university competitions. The first was the London Universities and Colleges Senior Open, and whilst ten members of the club were hoping to compete, as the competition approached some people had to drop out due to deadlines and course commitments. The next competition was the Glasgow University Teams Championships, which was at the end of November. There were teams at this event from all over Britain along with a couple of teams from Germany. Unfortunately only four members of the club were able to fight as the competition fell just before exams and we were unable to fill a full team covering all the necessary weight categories. This meant that the four members from Saints Judo had to split into different teams. Individually everyone fought very well with each of member winning all their individual fights, but unfortunately our respective teams got put out in the quarterfinals. We are looking forward to competing at more competitions in Semester 2.

Judo 2 

This semester we have seen an increase in our club membership and have held a couple of joint training sessions with Dundee University, which gave us a good opportunity to fight against different people. We are looking forward to the new semester where we will be training hard towards a successful trip to BUCS Nationals, whilst encouraging new members to join our club.

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