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Handball Club - Semester 1 Report 2016-17

Saturday 28 January 2017

The Handball Club concludes the strongest semester in the club’s history so far. With a growth to over 40 members of which over 30 are participating regularly in several practices per week, the club has almost doubled its membership base. Extra trainings such as fitness sessions and hot yoga add to the club’s profile. In combination with regular socials, these extra activities create a great and welcoming atmosphere which all members value. As a result, attendance at practice and social events is very high and strong team bonds and friendships have emerged among members. Highlights of the semester were beach handball where members got to experience a different form of the sport as well as beach games early in the semester to encourage team bonding.

 Handball 1

The club’s social success is also visible on the pitch. Experienced and new players learn from and with each other in captain-led training sessions. The acquired skills and strong bonds facilitated the play in home and away matches in Dundee. In particular, the Men’s Team showed a strong performance – winning all of their league games. As for the Women’s Team, the club surpassed its aim to just field a team by developing a consistent squad that developed a strong defence in their matches.

 Handball 2

Consequently, the club experienced a great first semester with very active members throughout the year so far. Or as members expressed it in the feedback of the end of semester survey: “Handball is life; It’s been such a great semester because the team is so kind and fun; Excited for next semester.”

Handball 3

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