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Fencing Club - Semester 1 Report 2016-17

Saturday 28 January 2017

This year the Fencing Club had a highly successful Sports Fayre showing, leading to an even more successful give-it-a-go session where around sixty interested students attended. Previously, we had been restricted to smaller numbers of interested students due to the lack of space in the gymnasium, but in the new Sports Arena we are only constrained by equipment and storage space. Many students who attended the give-it-a-go session later regularly attended our two weekly beginner sessions and hopefully will continue to do so following the break. Overall, both were a huge success for the team and we hope the same will continue next year given the refurbished gym and storage space.

fencing 1

Training and Coaching

  • This semester we have continued the training and lesson schedule from last year and have so far seen good attendance from competitive players, as well as social members.
  • Individual lessons continue to be offered to students by our coaches, but due to the larger number of 1st and 2nd Team athletes it has largely been reserved for them.
  • Phil and Stan continue to be excellent coaches, from lessons, to assisting with training, and helping at matches.

fencing 2

Competitive Teams and Matches

  • The Fencing Team has competed at multiple levels this semester, and although experiencing mixed results so far, next semester looks promising.
  • For the first time in recent memory, the Men’s 2nd Team is able to field a full nine-member squad, and while the Women’s Team has significantly less members their performance is still high. 

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