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Aikido Club - Semester 1 Report 2016-17

Saturday 28 January 2017

The Aikido Club has enjoyed a productive and successful first semester, with new attendees joining us throughout this time, and in high numbers! Our Freshers’ Week advertisements, demonstrations and "give it a go" try out were all events not to be missed - with a range of talented members, senseis and practised alumni helping us to make each and every one a success.

Our presence at the annual Sports Fayre was - as per usual - where our club truly got a chance to show off what it was all about to interested parties, with small scale demonstrations and excited, passionate affiliates on hand throughout morning, noon, and evening, explaining what we're all about. We existing members of the club and its committee have overseen the arrival of a whole host of new members from across the academic fields, many of whom have taken well to our martial art's practise, philosophy, and rich cultural history - attending the many and varied socials and courses we have held in the span of the last few months.

The academic year began with a barbeque gathering to celebrate the arrival of our Freshers - and since that day, the club has not slowed in its involvement with and celebration of Aikido. Our beginner's course saw one of the highest attendances recorded within the past few years; with internationals and long term alumni of the club attending from all over the world, coming together to train and socialise with other Aikido lovers. The many movie nights, parties, and annual bonfire - held to further bring our members together, getting to know one another both on and off the mats - have proved worthwhile in the pursuit of bolstering the community that we here at the Aikido Club Committee wish to foster.

Indeed, the committee itself has grown exceptionally, as an extension of the club - now with a fully established board of executive and non - executive club representatives. The club has, in the wake of this surge of interest, began experimenting with the concept of nominating new representatives for training, by way of popular vote, to go on to fulfil roles within the committee, ahead of their actual elevation to said role. This method is a potential that could further streamline our adoption of new committee members: with the end goal being a committee better fit to serve the club and its interests. 

Overall, this semester has proven itself to be a good time to be practising aikido in St Andrews: no matter your levels of previous experience, or prior knowledge. The Aikido club has always been proud to say it is always accepting new members, regardless of the time of year. Thanks to the many successes of the last semester, and tireless work of committees, senseis and club friends (both old and new) I am happy to tell you that we can continue to accommodate any aikido practitioner, with experienced senseis, dedicated members and open arms. 

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